This summer I’m an intern in Mozilla thanks to Outreachy. I’m working with the BMO team, the team in charge of Bugzilla.

Bugzilla is the Bug Tracker from Mozilla. So if you find any bug in any Mozilla product, or also you would like an enhancement you report it in Bugzilla and then the team in charge of the Product knows about it and can fix it or a contributor can look for something which they can help.

And the BMO team works making that all in Bugzilla works, solving their own bugs and making it better. I think this product is really important because it helps and is used by all other Mozilla teams.

What I’m doing is connecting Bugzilla to the world. I mean I’m building the Bugzilla webhooks. A webhook is an HTTP request that is sent to an URL that the user chooses when a certain event (that the user choose too) happens. It could be seen as a personalized notification at a low level.

In this case, when a bug from a product (that the user choose too) has a change and/or it’s created, Bugzilla will send a message with all the info about that bug (post request) to the user URL.

And who wants that?

Well, now you can receive notifications about this by email or in your Bugzilla profile. And if you want something in a “low level” you must make a request for a very specific Bug and Bugzilla sends you that bug and you can manipulate the information.

So the good thing of this is that with webhooks you can receive that message and use the information in other sites, like JIRA (another bug tracker) so you can make that when a bug it’s created automatically is sent the info about it, and then you can manage it and create a new bug in another site, or send it to your team chat for example Slack (that is widely used in Mozilla).

Well, as I see, the webhooks open the world to Bugzilla. I actually feel that I’m connecting Bugzilla to the world, or at least adding the ability to do it. I’m really excited about working to make it possible and I think it will be very useful at least for all the Mozilla teams. And when I see the code that was written many years ago and it’s still an important part of the site, I feel really happy that like those who made that code I will leave something significant to Mozilla.

And I feel really happy to be making something useful for Mozilla because I love and identify myself a lot with their values. They are a really great community, worry and working in making an inclusive company, in hearing the current problems and do something about it, and making a free, open, and secure internet.❤

All of this it’s being a new experience for me, I’m learning and growing in all the fields, the languages, both which I speak and which I code. Values for work and for life. To have a job (I’d never had one before this). And which I most value: to rely on myself and what I’m able to achieve. And I’m barely at the half of the way.