My name is Lisset, I’m from Mexico, I’m 20 years old, I’m studying Telematics Engineering, I love animals, music, read, and right now I’m an Outreachy Intern with Mozilla.

There are many things that make us take decisions. One big is our core values. After thinking a lot about it, I decided that mine mainly 3 are: Learning, Compassion, and Community.

One of the activities that I most love is to learn, for that reason, I like reading, I’ve always enjoyed the school, take courses and all of that sort of nerdy stuff. I just can’t be without learning new things. It’s something fantastic that you can learn from wherever you see.

Compassion is defined as a strong feeling of sympathy and sadness for the suffering or bad luck of others and a wish to help them. And that is something that has moved me since I was a child. I used to call it Empathy but now I can see that is better defined by this. I’ve always wanted to understand and support people and animals. Sometimes I think it’s my own bad luck be moved by this value because if you see with attention, the world is hard wherever you see, too. And most of the time I feel I can’t really do something. But I try to do as much as I can and when I have the opportunity to do something it’s a really great happiness and satisfaction.

And Community is very important to me, I think that the most important of persons is that we move on community and when you realize it and you feel like part of one, is when the better things of persons came, we help us and support each other just for the wellness of all. I like share what I know, and help as I can, because I think that we are not just individuals we are part of something and we are able to do much more when we move us together.

After saying this is obvious that what mainly motivated me to apply to Outreachy was the opportunity to learn, learn from working in a real and big OpenSource project, mentored, and if it wasn’t sufficient also paid. And there’s more, it is made to supports diversity. When I discovered it I thought it couldn’t be more made for me, at least I must try.

Besides I really like the concept of the Open Source, I think it’s something really valuable on the internet, give free source and have the opportunity to collaborate to projects that other people really are gonna use, but before my Outreachy application started I was afraid of I wouldn’t have the skills to could contribute.

Now that I’m here I can’t finish believing that I achieve it. And I really can confirm that it’s so much more than what I saw at the beginning. It is also an opportunity to become more confident, meet people from all around the world, being part of a community that really cares about people, and now that we are living hard times it can be seen more, in both in Outreachy and Mozilla, and I’m really proud of being part of this communities and can learn from all these fantastic people.